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We’re always looking for accountants and support staff who understand that what clients want is for us to deliver what is true, simple, effective, and even inspiring. That’s right, we said “inspiring” about accounting! Because when done right, our services open doors, open possibilities, and create opportunities where they didn’t exist before.

We are not looking for a person, rather the person.  Every team member helps carry the torch for our team and our brand.  As such, we have very specific standards for our team members.  If you are interested in the qualities we require from our team, review our company core values page. 


Tax Accountant

The tax accountant position is accountable for the collection of tax-related information, reporting to taxation authorities at the federal, state, county, and local levels in a timely manner, and advising management on the tax impact of various strategies.

Principal Duties

  • Devise tax strategies to defer or eliminate tax payments

  • Create tax data collection systems

  • Complete required tax reporting in a timely manner

  • Prepare and update tax provision schedules

  • Update the company sales tax database as tax rates change

  • Coordinate audits by various taxation authorities

  • Research and correct process errors that caused incorrect tax filings

  • Negotiate with tax authorities over tax payment issues

  • Research the basis for tax positions to be taken

  • Advise management regarding the tax impact of corporate strategies

  • Advise management on the impact of new laws on tax liabilities

  • Identify tax savings in prospective acquisition scenario

Desired Qualifications

3+ years of tax accounting experience. Bachelor's degree in accounting preferred, or a tax concentration within an accounting program. Must be detail oriented. CPA or CPA track preferred.

Staff Accountant

At Market Street Partners we are more than just keepers of books. We view our role as providing reliable and timely information to empower business owners in making informed financial decisions.  If you like numbers and want to provide an invaluable service to a wide variety of businesses, we would love to talk to you.


  • You'll need to be annoyingly super organized.

  • You'll need to live, work, & play in the details. Bookkeeping, by nature, has a small margin for error.

  • You'll need to be a good question asker. Knowing what you don't know is key.

  • You'll need to work hard. We don't work insane hours, but we do work while at work. After all, we've got clients to serve.

  • You'll need to be an embracer of technology.

Tax, Audit, and General Accounting Internships

We are always looking for great interns in tax, audit, and general accounting. If you’re interested in getting hands-on experience at a firm that values teamwork and collaboration, use the form below to apply.

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