We Believe Trust Is A Competitive Advantage.

If we all trust each other, if we trust our clients, and if our clients trust us, everything flows better - service, quality, and performance. Additionally, we believe that trust is built through two channels - character and competency. We strive to build trust through both channels, but character is paramount.

Our Cows Are Not Sacred

Even in the accounting profession, we do not continue to do something just because it’s “always been done that way”.  Things change because people, businesses, and technology changes.  We are always looking for ways to improve our service and quality. 

We Are Agents of Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to super-serve every client within the reasonable confines of their agreement.  So many firms make this claim but fail to deliver. In a “thank-you economy”, we recognized this is the best way to create lasting, meaningful relationships with our clients. 

We create momentum through passion, as we believe passion with focused intensity creates momentum.  Best practices are our baseline.  Focused intensity is not an accident. Without focus and momentum pressures would distract us from our priorities. 

We Are Makers of Momentum

We have a natural sense of curiosity that drives continual learning.  We have a natural sense of sharing and patience that drives continual teaching.  We are not a collection of individuals.  We only win as a team. 

We Are Always Students, Always Teachers

It is with a spirit of gratitude that we work with each other, our clients, and our vendors.  Daily we are given opportunities that should not be taken for granted.  We reciprocate by giving a percentage of each invoice to to local charitable efforts through the 'Good Partners' program. 

We Share Our Gratitude