Been there, solved that.

We have experience on in-house teams and as service providers to companies in a wide range of industries. Always benefitting the bottom line and improving life for owners, employees, and customers.


Transportation & Logistics

Chattanooga serves as a vital thoroughfare to the transportation industry - both physically and operationally.  As such, our staff and business community have a rich history of equipping logistics companies to win in a competitive environment.



Starting a business is full of extreme highs and lows.  Having an accounting firm that has deep roots in the start-up community is invaluable.  We have weathered those storms before and we can help calm the storm through our experience and wisdom. 


Small Business

Small business is the backbone of our country and our company.  We love entrepreneurs and the successful small businesses they run.  Our team has helped launched dozens of companies and can leverage that experience to help you!


Construction & Real Estate

Whether you are in the middle of a project or exploring your potential options our team can help you make sense of the numbers. We have experience helping secure financing, cost segregation studies, cash flow management and forecast modeling.


Manufacturing & Distribution

From world famous snack cakes to robotics, our team has been involved with a multitude of manufacturing and distribution companies in the Chattanooga area and beyond - performing a full range of tax, consulting and assurance services, allowing our clients to grow their business through efficiency and innovation.



This industry constitutes broad services offered by various hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacies and ably supported by drugs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, medical equipment, manufacturers and suppliers. While the industry is growing quickly, it is also changing even quicker. Well-counseled companies that adapt to change will be able to take advantage of new opportunities.


Restaurant & Hospitality

In a transaction heavy industry it’s important to stay organized and on top of the day-to-day activity.  We understand how to build systems and processes to help simplify complicated matters. We aim to leverage technology wherever possible to bring efficiency to the sometime inefficient industry.

High Net Worth Individuals

We understand that there are times when being wealthy seems like a burden. There are constant decisions to be made and plans that seem to never end.  We have helped navigate the waters for wealthy individuals and families with active tax strategy and trust advice. Don’t let big decisions scare you into complacency.

Venture Capital

Whether you’re raising a fund to invest or just exploring some high risk investment on a personal level we can help you walk through the process.  Our unique experience in this space has provided us to both sides of these type of transactions.  If you are doing the investing we can help with due diligence and evaluating financial modes or if you are taking investment we can help negotiate terms and manage your cash once a deal is made.



Auto, farm equipment, and boat dealerships make up important networks that distribute and service high ticket items. Specialized accounting and tax rules have been developed for this space, so an experienced accounting team is essential to ensuring reporting is accurate and that tax liability has been minimized.  


Nonprofits & Foundations

We understand how vital nonprofit organizations and foundations are to our community. Our team has a wealth of experience working with nonprofits by volunteering, serving on boards and providing a wide range of professional services - allowing you to focus on your mission and passion.


Software as a Service

With technology taking over the world we have seen a huge onslaught of SaaS companies.  As regulation and tax law around the operation of these companies continues to evolve you need a trusted partner to help guide you in the right direction so you can stay focused on running your company. Let us be that partner to offer you peace of mind.