Part 7 in our "Why They Succeed" series...

In a world ruled by spreadsheets, projections, and the ever-present demand for ROI calculations, many businesses have gotten away from the core of what brought them success in the first place: excellent customer service.

But that’s not the case for Ladue Fossett and his team at Drain Right Guttering.

According to Ladue, the simple art of communication — picking up the phone when it rings and being available to customers when they have questions or concerns about their projects — has led the company to its current success.

And what does success look like for Drain Right? As of 2019, the company is celebrating 27 years in business, and has a presence in four markets, including Chattanooga, Cleveland, Birmingham, and Knoxville.

Good Communication + Good Business Sense = A Recipe for Success

Drain Right’s most recent expansion into the Birmingham market was marked by a business acquisition during which Ladue and his team leaned heavily on Market Street Partners. According to Ladue, MSP’s responsiveness and level-headed advice added a level of clarity and confidence to the process.

“Kyle doesn’t tell me how to run my business,” Ladue said. “But he’ll tell me if I ask him. And I want that.”

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