Part 6 in our "Why They Succeed" series...

Trust is a huge factor for success in any industry — and for those that have been stigmatized as commonly taking advantage of consumers, it can be difficult to earn. But as evidenced by their wildly successful first five years in business, L Squared doesn’t let the construction industry’s bad rap prevent their team from thriving.

Co-founders Drew Lewis, President, and Adam Levitt, CEO, sought to do things differently. Instead of settling for the industry status quo of busted budgets and moving-target project timelines, the two work to bring trust and transparency to the complex process of commercial construction.

And according to Drew, it was the parallels between L Squared’s foundation in trust and transparency and Market Street Partners’ commitment to making accounting approachable that really made the partnership a great fit for their business.

“Our job at L Squared is to understand […] shifting terrain and clarify what that means to our clients so they can make the best decisions possible,” Drew said. “And that is a similar thing that we experience with Market Street Partners. They take the complexity of budgets and financial statements and help us understand what that actually means and how we can use those to strengthen L Squared.”

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