Part 8 in our "Why They Succeed" series...

When it comes to building strong relationships with their clients, SeatMyTrucks believes their competitive edge comes from deep and robust industry knowledge. As an advertising agency that specializes in recruiting truck drivers, understanding not just how to appeal to drivers, but also how to address the unique challenges recruiters are facing in such a high turnover industry, is invaluable.

“We’ve actually been there,” says Matt Beach, VP of Sales at SeatMyTrucks. “We’ve sat in their seats. We can actually speak the recruiting lingo and know what it takes to be successful.”

SeatMyTrucks is a young business with a lean team, which makes strategic partnerships not just a value in their business, but a necessity. In order to remain hyper-focused on providing the quality deliverables their clients need in the fast-paced world of trucking, relying on Market Street Partners for everything from payroll to quotes and invoicing has enabled them to continue building on their successes.

“[Before starting my business] I never had to worry about payroll, about AR, about AP, about taxes,” says Rob Hatchett, President at SeatMyTrucks. “In my professional career, that was not ever my responsibility.”

But by partnering with Market Street Partners and allowing his team the freedom they need to manage the many moving parts of invoicing, billing, and other facets of accounting at SeatMyTrucks, Rob is able to focus on the business itself.

“For a startup that was nervous about all this eight months ago, now I’m saying, ‘Man, they made it easy on me,’ and I’m so very thankful for that,” Rob says.

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