Why We Started Market Street Partners


Less than two years ago, we founded Market Street Partners with a goal of becoming the best Chattanooga accounting firm. Not the biggest, necessarily, but the best. Of course, that’s the “what” we wanted to become, not the “why” we were doing it. So, why did we start Market Street Partners? I’ll tell you.

Accounting is about more than just numbers

As you’re likely aware, this is the most hectic time of year in the accounting world. We get to the office early, we stay late, and there is no such thing as a weekend. Although it’s tiring, it’s also a blessing. A blessing because all these numbers we’re flooded by are more than just numbers. They represent the real life experiences of businesses and individuals in our community, and they’ve been entrusted to us.  

Those numbers impact consequential decisions. For a business, they can influence the purchasing of new equipment or the hiring of additional staff. To a family, they could sway educational decisions, retirement planning, or even medical treatments. That’s why when we say we do real life accounting, we mean it.

And our experience told us a massive relationship void existed

Before we launched Market Street Partners, my co-founding partner Kevin Rose and I had racked up nearly a quarter-century of combined accounting experience. During that time, we’d both completed stints at traditional CPA firms where the name of the game, more often than not, is to simply crunch more numbers and bill for the hours it took to crunch them.

But we’d also been exposed to the human side of the equation — watching entrepreneurs put their livelihoods on the line to start their own businesses, seeing seasoned business leaders grapple over decisions affecting their employees, and helping families forecast for the wellbeing of their children. None of the numbers steering those decisions are just numbers.

So, we started an accounting firm specializing in real life accounting

The “why” driving us to start Market Street Partners was (and continues to be) simple, really. We believe businesses and families deserve an accounting partner that treats their finances as more than mere numbers to be crunched. We are the firm that identifies and empathizes with our clients and truly wants the best for them.

We know what it’s like to run a small business. We know what it’s like to worry over family planning. And we certainly know what it’s like to want a partner who’s walking down a similar path as us.

Let us be that real life accounting partner for you

Kyle Bryant, CPA, is a founding partner at Market Street Partners, PLLC, an accounting firm headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He can be reached at [email protected]